The three co-founders standing in front on the Scottish Highlands

Our Story

The founders of Dalesmen come from successful careers in the Department of Defense IT sector. They were fortunate enough to be working for the U.S. Government in the United Kingdom where they all met and became close friends. The idea for the distillery came to Derek and Nate as they took a much needed “guys” weekend to explore Scotland and visit a number of distilleries. With each new distillery they visited, they learned more and became even more inquisitive. The process is simple using only three ingredients (water, grains, yeast), yet the outcomes are so vastly different. During their eight hour drive back to their Yorkshire homes from Scotland, they decided to start investigating how they could open their own distillery.

A few weeks later, Mike was brought into the scheme as the excitement couldn’t be contained amongst these friends. Mike brought his love of beer which sprouted the idea for a combined distillery and brewery – the perfect combination!

You may be wondering why Bedford, PA was chosen for their location. We have Mike to thank for that gem. Part of Mike’s family comes from Bedford and with the incredible setting, friendliness, and history, it couldn’t have been anywhere else.

You can follow our story as we renovate a prominent building in downtown Bedford to become the Dalesmen Distillery and Brewery! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @dalesmendb


Bedford has a storied past that drew us in! You can learn more about Bedford and see why we are so drawn to this wonderful town.

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